The following is the fee schedule which Stadler Accident Reconstruction is
currently utilizing:

  $200 per hour for all accumulated time

  $0.50 per mile for all travel outside local area (Federal
      Standard Mileage Rate)

  $500 nonrefundable retainer fee for all plaintiff cases unless
      otherwise arranged

  $250 CDR System User Fee - “Black Box” Data Retrieval System

  $25 Expert Autostats printouts for vehicle specs

  All other expenses occurred during investigation and/or

All fees are subject to change.

Billing statements are typically sent out on the first of the month for all accumulated time and expenses.

Payments are the responsibility of the retaining agency/party.  Total payments are due within 30 days of the billing statement.  Late payments may be subject to a rebilling fee.

If there are any question concerning the fee schedule or billing procedures, feel free to contact the office.

Yours truly,

Patrick D. Stadler
Stadler Accident Reconstruction